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We offer a wide range of midwife-led services, so you can choose the right support for your needs.

Antenatal classes

4 week course, or 1 weekend


A fully comprehensive antenatal hypnobirthing class


Take time to learn self care


Feel a sense of calm and control

Infant feeding

Find feeding support from birth to 6 months old

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Pregnant Woman and Partner

Antenatal Classes

4 Week Course or 1 weekend

Our signature course, made up of four 2 1/2 hour antenatal education sessions covering all things pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Each class is fully interactive, led by our midwives who are experts in antenatal education.

There are so many free apps, websites, YouTube videos etc - why is it necessary for me to attend private antenatal classes?
1. Create a support system. Meet a new group of mums and dads who are going through the same as you. Feelings of isolation are common amongst new mums - with our course, you can quickly and easily build new relationships even when you have little or no spare time to mix and socialise.
2. Feel empowered about your birth. We will teach you what to do when labour starts, and make sure you're aware of all your options and choices. 
3. Explore parenting. We will provide you with tools you need to help you feel confident from those first precious moments. Every baby is different - one size doesn’t fit all! We will give you the confidence to parent your baby in the way that feels right to you as a new family.
4. Ask questions. We want you to be involved, so we don’t offer a sit and listen lecture. We provide a safe space for you to ask questions, and be reassured that if you ask a question someone else will be thinking it.
5. Commitment. By signing up for our antenatal course, you are more likely to attend all of them, and are making a commitment to learning.
6. Leaving your comfort zone in a safe environment. We will discuss your fears, enabling you to bring them to the forefront. This allows you to face them in a supportive environment, and ease your worries. This includes discussing Labour positions, and the role of your birth partner. 

The antenatal education sessions start from £150.

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Couple Expecting Baby


A fully comprehensive hypnobirthing antenatal course

Mindful Beginnings offer a complete antenatal training programme, following the nationally recognised KGHypnobirthing programme.

Hypnobirthing is centred on releasing fear and building confidence in the natural process of birth, through practising relaxation techniques.

Hypnobirthing aims to create the learning environment where magic happens. As a result, mothers, fathers, families and friends witness a confident and calm pregnant woman making the decisions that suit her body and her baby.

Hypnobirthing provides you with the skills to make the decisions that fit in with your ideal of how birth can be, putting the mother firmly in charge. 

Hypnobirthing is for everyone – and that includes birth partners. Birth partners report feeling protective, confident, and happy that they have a central role in supporting mum and baby as the birth progresses. The birth breathing alongside hypnosis techniques supports mum to remain in a calm mode. Whilst in this mode, you’re best placed to produce birth hormones which are essential for a gentle, easier birth experience.

Our hypnobirthing course starts from £200.

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Breathing Meditation


Self Care

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is defined as paying attention to the present moment and being aware of any thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise, without judging them or trying to change them. This type of moment-to-moment awareness can counteract our tendency to live life on autopilot. Becoming more aware of the present moment can help us enjoy the world around us more, help understand ourselves better and help our brains to think about things differently.

Studies have shown that practicing mindfulness during pregnancy can help to… 

Reduce the fear of labour, decrease the use of pain relief, lower the risk of prenatal & post-natal depression and promote a strong bond with baby. 

Being able to relax rather than tense up during a contraction helps your body manage labour better. Many antenatal classes cover relaxation and breathing techniques, and it’s good to find out about these whatever you decide to do when you go into labour.

Mindfulness is low cost, low-risk, and easy to learn. 

Getting help and support for anxiety can help reduce physical and psychological symptoms, and provide you with coping methods to help manage your feelings so they no longer feel overwhelming.

Mindfulness can help you to use the skills and techniques needed to feel less anxious and more prepared. 

By learning mindfulness skills as part of the childbirth education, expectant mothers can reappraise the upcoming birth as something they are empowered by and ready to handle.

Mindful sessions are £35 each, or £100 for three sessions.

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Clinical Hypnosis in pregnancy

Clinical hypnosis is becoming increasingly popular in helping women to feel a sense of calm and control in preparing for a more comfortable and positive childbirth experience.

Self-hypnosis, visualisation and deep relaxation techniques can empower you, helping you to prepare mentally and physically for your experience. This provides you with a positive expectation and a belief in the natural ability of your body and mind, to birth your baby and cope with the experience well.

Practising self-hypnosis, visualisation, relaxation and breathing techniques can support you in nurturing and caring for yourself and your baby, and in focusing on your desired outcome.

We can also offer clinical hypnosis for:

  • Stopping Smoking

  • Needle phobia

  • Fear of childbirth

Price varies depending on individual needs. Please get in touch with me to discover how you could get the most out of hypnosis.

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Gemma's Mindful Infant feeding

For all your feeding needs, from birth to 6 months old

  • Feeding Workshop - 2 Hours, £60 per couple (max 6 couples per workshop). Covers infant feeding methods, advice, guidance and support.

  • A home visit (for 1 hour, up to a 25 mile radius of Desborough), and 2 follow up telephone calls, £40.

  • Hourly rate of £35, up to a 25 mile radius of Desborough.

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