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Please read my frequently asked questions, if you have any more please contact me.

At what stage of pregnancy should I do an antenatal course?

We recommend starting your course when you are between 26-34 weeks pregnant. Please drop us a line through the contact page if you can’t find a course with the right dates for you and we will do what we can to help and advise.


Can my partner come?

Absolutely. We are all set up for partners to attend and pretty much all of our attendees come with a partner - whether life partners, fathers, birthing partners, family member or a bestie. Support is of the essence in this process and we want to help both you and your nearest and dearest get in the know so that you can feel as well-supported and prepared as possible. It is also perfectly acceptable to come solo if that is your preference. No judgement.


I don’t have a birth partner. Does this matter?

Not necessarily, but you might like to think about someone who could support you during your labour.


Why should I do a private antenatal course?

Create a support network and meet a group of new mums and dads who are going through the same as you are. 

Feel empowered about your birth. 

Explore parenting. We will equip you with the tools you need for the first few days after having your baby, and more. 

Ask questions. We want you to be involved, and ask any questions you like. More than just information. We offer an evidence-based antenatal course. And most of all because we make it FUN and interactive. 


How long does each session take?

The weekly sessions last 2hrs - we do stop for a break in the middle and you are welcome to bring food to eat, especially if you are coming straight from work.


I’m having an elective caesarean. Do I still need to attend an antenatal course?

Definitely! We cover so much more than your labour during the classes, from what to prepare at home, to changes in your relationship and how to look after your new baby in the early days. Plus, there is the added benefit of meeting other new parents living near you.

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