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As part of the Mindful Birth Group® I can offer you access to PregnaHub® a unique expert support service from pregnancy to parenthood. Everyone who undertakes a course with me gets this included or if you can subscribe to the PregnaHub® with various options available.

Join our online subscription and gain access to live and recorded classes, expertise and midwife support.

During pregnancy:

  • Live Pregnancy Yoga, Pilates & Aerobics classes- 4 passes per month

  • Monthly Pregnancy Relaxation classes (live and recorded) 

  • Ask The Midwife chat- Ask any questions to reassure and guide you.

  • Online moderated community to meet others on a similar path.

  • WhatsApp support with your teacher right up until baby is born.


During postnatal recovery:

  • 1 hour postnatal doula session (on Zoom) to debrief your birth, however it happened, if you would like to, and ask any questions about recovery and baby care (only available for clients who undertake a Mindful Birth course)

  • E-Learning zone with on-demand videos covering: baby care including breast and bottle feeding, newborn sleep, baby first aid, baby massage, parent mental health, bonding, weaning & many more.

  • Weekly parent & baby yoga (Virtual).

  • Online moderated community to meet others on a similar path.

Mindful Beginnings - Pregnahub Support
Subscription Packages

7 Day FREE Trial

Monthly Access

3 Months Access

6 Months Access

1 Year Access

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