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Mindful Beginnings - antenatal courses

Over 20 years experience  supporting women to have a positive antenatal journey.

Prepare for Birth and Beyond

Here at Mindful Beginnings, I specialise in a wide range of wellbeing services, designed to help prepare you emotionally and physically for your birth, whether that be a vaginal birth, or an abdominal one (caesarean).

As a mother and fully qualified midwife with over 17 years of experience, I understand that every pregnancy, and every birth is different. This is why I always ensure that every course I provide is fully tailored to you and your unique needs, and can be performed both in person and online.


The Mindful Natal® courses I provide are fully informed by the The Mindful Birth Group® syllabus, and aim to help reduce fear and anxiety prior to birth through the use of breathing techniques, guided meditation, visualisation, positive affirmations and more.


Scientific research has proven that by utilising mindfulness skills, it can help speed up the first stages of labour, as well as effectively helping you to manage your pain. With new-found trust in your body and its capabilities, our mindful birthing courses give you the tools to make your pregnancy and birth an exciting and enjoyable experience.

mindful beginnings - Rhonda

What I Offer

Group & Private Courses

I offer a broad spectrum of in person and online antenatal and birth preparation courses suitable for mothers, couples and families from all walks of life; perfect for both vaginal and abdominal births.

PregnaHub® Support

Join PregnaHub® a unique expert support service from pregnancy to parenthood and gain access to live and recorded classes, expertise and midwife support.

"Rhonda was truly amazing and has helped me in more ways than she will ever realise. My husband and I were both apprehensive before the first session as we just didn’t know what to expect but we loved every session and it was truly down to Rhonda. We knew very little about the birth process and we were both anxious about the unknown. We are now knowledgeable about labour and everything that could happen along the way. I left each session feeling empowered to give birth and the affirmations are helping me to continue this feeling now the course has finished. I cannot thank Rhonda enough for all the kindness and warmth she showed to us throughout the sessions."

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