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Antenatal Courses

I offer a broad spectrum of in person and online Mindful Natal® courses with the Mindful Birth Group. These are antenatal and birth preparation courses suitable for mothers, couples and families from all walks of life; perfect for both vaginal and abdominal births (caesarean).


Specialising in mindfulness, all of the courses and services provided at Mindful Beginnings are fully informed by the teachings on the Mindful Birth Group® syllabus, which caters for every possible birth scenario and designed to support expectant parents through their pregnancies, and prepare them both physically and emotionally for birth. Dubbed by parents as “a modern alternative to NCT”. The Mindful Birth Group® is changing the landscape of antenatal education by being the only course provider to support parents throughout pregnancy through to the first year post-birth with Mindful Natal® courses and the PregnaHub®.

The Mindful Natal® courses cover the following...

  •  The science behind the mind body connection and the hormones and muscles of birth. What you can control vs what you can't control and how to overcome feelings of anxiety.

  • Learn how to stay calm and in control for all births using mindfulness and hypnobirthing tools and techniques. Birth place options and optimising your birth space.

  • The stages of labour, induction, assisted birth and caesarean abdominal birth

  • Navigating unexpected turns, making informed decisions about your birth, and writing birth preferences​​​

Courses are kept small so there is a minimum of 2 families and a maximum 6 families per course – the cost is for 2 people per booking, birth partners are encouraged to join too.

My aim is to educate women and parents to feel confident and empowered in their journey. Focusing on the mind-body connection, helping them to accept what is in their control, and let go of what is not.  

Book a FREE taster session

If you aren't sure about a course, I run FREE 1 hour taster sessions on the second Sunday of the month. These are based in Kettering, Northampshire.

"Me and my wife did a mindful birth course. This was amazing and Rhonda is extremely experienced and very inspiring. We have been empowered by this course. I would recommend all parents to have this input."

Mark Kayes

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